Causes of failure


The causes of failure of car air compressors.

1. seizure of the piston


a. improper lubrication parameters in the system of compressor crankshaft
b. excessive air discharge pressure due to clogging of the air pipe

2. cylinder liner wiping



a. leaking air intake system
b. system operation at increased air temperature and discharge pressure
c. contaminated oil


3. the blurring of crankshaft
   a. contaminated lubricating oil
   b. too lower oil pressure


4. faulty power saving system
   a. excessive oil consumption
   b. leaking air intake system


5. leaking or damaged compressor valves
   a. blocking valves platelets with contamination
   b. rupture of the valve plate
   c. deformation of platelet caused by excessive


6. damage of seals


a. too small torque of screws

b. defects in materials
c. too high  air discharge pressure

7. inadequate capacity of air pipes
   a. burnt oil deposits on the walls
   b. bend pipes


8. too much resistance of air intake
   a. clogged air filter
   b. wrong filter - low air flow
   c. obstructions in air intake pipe