Sale and repair
of compressors

MotoRemo has been dealing with the repair of air compressors supplying truck pneumatic systems since the beginning of its business activity in 1993.

We offer new and repaired compressors of all major manufacturers:

  • Wabco
  • Bendix
  • Knorr-Bremse
  • Magnetti Marelli

Our modern and specialized machinery enabling machining of parts,
allows us to carry out high-quality repairs of these components.

Professional repair

The air compressor being part of the pneumatic-braking system belongs to the system that requires confirmed reliability. The required production or repair quality is confirmed with an appropriate certificate. This obligation is regulated by the Decree of the Minister of Infrastructure from 2003 no. 32 item 262 section 10 chapter 2 of annex 3, which provides for repairs of air compressors in accordance with Technical Conditions WT/010/PIMOT/96 applicable to vehicle pneumatic systems. The Państwowy Instytut Motoryzacji (National Automotive Institute) is the certification authority in Poland for compliance with these requirements.

The entire certification process, numerous and specialized tests place a number of requirements and obligations on applicants for certification, putting main emphasis on the reliability of the repaired component.

Our company has twice applied for this certificate for the repair of air compressors manufactured by WABCO and KNORR-BREMSE. Many months of tests on the test bed gave certainty and enriched the company's many years of experience in this field. They also made it possible to make a list of suppliers of compressor parts that ensure the required quality. Repairs of air compressors for trucks carried out by Moto Remo received the Certificate of Conformity issued by PIMOT in 2011 and 2015 as confirmation of the provision of high quality services.

Sale and repair
of compressors

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You may contact our branches in Warsaw, Poznań and Chorzów or the company's headquarters in Iława. We will be happy to answer any questions, clarify doubts related to repair, and help in choosing the right compressor.

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