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Turbochargers in PSA 1,6 HDI engines, DV6TED4.


DV6TED4 is a diesel with high power with comparatively small capacity. This engine was apply by a few car brands: Citroen, Ford, Mazda, Mini, Peugeot and Volvo, 1.6 HDi.

Problem analysis

Engine was designed for work in high temperatures, that demands using of very good quality oil which needs to be in good condition in the whole time of engine working. As important as quality of oil is correct oil level, air filter pureness and oil radiator. As the research speaks, engine working with too low oil level produced some coal in oil system, that coal blocks oil pipes, radiator and in the result, it caused turbocharger failure.










Turbocharger problems

Due to high rotate speed (230 000 rotates per minute) turbocharger often informs us about lubrication problems as firts. If oil change frequency and oil level in engine was not keep in time, first turbocharger problems can show even after 45 000 km.

Because if this, vehicles manufacturers applying this engine in their cars after standard instructions for turbocharger installation, they prepared specially dedicated instruction which includes specifications of this engine problems. Manufacturers find generating coal as a terrible to remove and clear.

It is well known that turbochargers failures are almost always caused by wrong working devices integrated with turbo, but often, problems has begining in some contamination in delivering air or oil. This is why the reason of damage should be find and fix before applying a new turbocharger to protect from another failure of engine equipment.

Dedicated instruction for applying

In case of PSA 1.6HDi engines very important thing to check is carbon deposit and carbonic crust because it gets inside turbocharger and causing damages. To minimalise risk of another failure, there is a few points in instruction which obeyed can clear generated coal.

* Oil cable and bolts need to be replace on the new type
* Oil pump should be uninstall and check
* Oil pan needs to be remove and clean
* Check oil level in oil pan
* Oil filter needs to be replace on a new one
* Oil radiator should be remove with filters and clean
* Clean or replace intercooler
* Check damages and pureness of inlet and outlet air pipes
* Check level of contamination and blockage of exhaust system (catalyst, DPF)
* For cars with DPF; if filter is blocked , static reclamation according with producer recomendations should be done
* Breakes pump should be remove and check; if there is a carbon deposit - cleaning is necessary
* Mount a new oil filter and refill engine with the new, correct oil
* Check fuel injectors seals and replace if seals are in bad condition
* Check outflow oil cable, if it has contamination inside - replace on a new one.

Installation sets

Specific instruction of installation is included with turbocharger.
To get easier access for available metarials to replace Garrett 753420-5005,6 or MHI 49173-07507 turbos, our customers have a opportunity, to buy dedicated oil cables with bolts and gasket kit in MotoRemo.

550075 set - Garrett turbochargers
550076 set - Mitsubishi turbochargers
Garrett turbochargers are also available in Garrett Original Reman version (after remanufacturing process in Garrett factory and done by Garrett) with numbering 753420-9006 with gasket kit included.