Failure of turbocharger in DAF with PACCAR MX340 engine


MotoRemo as Authorized Distributor and Service of BorgWarner informs - do not replace turbochargers with numbers 1387 988 0030 and 1387 988 0066. This rule includes cores used in these turbos, with numbers 1387 710 0003 and 1387 710 0500

awariaDAF 1These two turbochargers are dedicated to different DAF engines

awariaDAF 2

Compression wheels differences

Because of higher rotating speed, using 1387 988 0030 turbocharger with 1387 710 0003 core in engine with 340kW of power is failure risk rely on destroying material of compression wheel earlier. This vehicle has dedicated turbocharger which is 1387 988 0066 with 1387 710 0500 core made from one piece of titanium. This process make it more toughness.

awariaDAF 3 Titanium compression wheel


Example of failure

Failure of turbocharger caused by using 1387 710 0003 core (aluminium compression wheel) inside 1387 988 0066 turbocharger which has dedicated 1387 710 0500 core (titanium compression wheel). Applying of this turbocharger in DAF vehicle with 340kW (460hp) caused earlier compression wheel material damages and turbocharger failure.


 awariaDAF 4 Destroyed compression wheel after material fatigue

Visual verification of applied compression wheel is really hard so it's better to buy or repair these turbochargers by a trusted specialist.