Two different turbochargers in a Ford Transit 2.2l FWD


Service Information for Ford Transit 2.2L Front Wheel Drive - Turbochargers 786880-5012S

Turbocharger 786880-5012S is not interchangeable with 786880-5006S and 786880-5021S



The GTB1749VK turbochargers in the range 786880 have undergone changes during their production life

and it is important to ensure that the correct service replacement turbos are ordered.

The following is the correct service replacement information:

786880-5021S is a Direct Service Replacement for -5006S

Both of these turbos use an SREA (Simple Rotary Electronic Actuator).

786880-5012S is equipped with a newer type of actuator, the sUTA (Simple Universal Turbo Actuator).