Garrett VNT remanufactured turbochargers – Garrett Original Reman


Honeywell is a global leader in turbocharging technology. This means that each new Garrett by Honeywell turbocharger produced for aftermarket has performance, quality and reliability compatible with the OE standard.

Factory-Remanufactured turbochargers have been designed so that with the use of new and reconditioned parts meet all the standards that apply to the production of new turbochargers, preserving the original calibration and testing procedures. Warranty is the same as for a new turbocharger.

Garrett Original Reman is:
•    Verification and use of parts according to standards used at production of original new turbochargers,
•    Re-assembling, balancing and calibration exact as in the case of a new turbocharger,
•    Individual setting of the exhaust gases flow, exact as in new product, which do not endanger the user to increased fuel consumption and loud turbocharger work,
•    Turbocharger equipped with several new original elements.

Turbochargers of this product line contain:
•    New bearings,
•    New VNT ring calibrated to factory settings,
•    New actuator,
•    New compressor wheel,
•    Other elements including housings can be after regeneration.

Original Reman Turbocharger is a guarantee of:
•    Compatibility with the engine management system,
•    Original parts,

Garrett Original Reman Turbochargers have a red nameplate saying REMANUFACTURED. The numbering of such component is slightly different from the numbering of a new product, e.g.: new turbocharger 713673-5006S, remanufactured 713673-9006S. Components of Original Reman line are packed in specially marked boxes.

Purchase Conditions:

•   Return of old turbocharger is required.
•   Returned turbocharger has to:

    - Be complete,
    - Have undamaged housings,
    - be a Garrett turbocharger

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garrett remanufactured box