Air compressors


It is the basic element of the pneumatic system of trucks. Its job is to compress and maintain the required pressure in the air tanks. The source of energy needed to drive it is the engine of the vehicle, which, by means of a sprocket or V-belt, drives the subassembly. In vehicles with low air requirements, we often find compressors with their own electric drive.

Appropriate air pressure parameters are essential for correct operation of valves and pneumatic actuators. In order for the pneumatic system to work smoothly the air must not contain impurities. In this scope, the subassembly cooperates with an air preparation unit designed to remove any minor impurities present in the pumped air, ie oil, water and particulate matter. The required pressure range required for the correct operation of the brake cylinders and air bags keeps the so-called valve assembly, while the volume of the individual pneumatic system components in the air corresponds to the volume reservoirs that depend on the demand of the medium in question.


The design of the compressors with which we usually deal in motor vehicles is of displacement type piston type. The reciprocating motion of the pistons produced by the crankshaft rotation and the connecting rod increases the pressure in the cylinders.

Depending on the air requirements in the pneumatic system, one or more piston compressors with one or two compression systems are available. The head is an integral part of any piston air compressor. The suction and discharge valves are located there and very often the cooling system channels. The latest pneumatic systems include a special valve system that compresses air with an air compressor to control its performance, resulting in measurable power savings.

Types of air compressors:

According to number of pistons:

One piston:

Two and more pistons:

According to design of the energy saving system:

Pistons head:

Plates head


According to coolant type:

Air cooled

Engine cooling fluid

According to compressor drive:

V-ribbed belt

Toothed wheel