Possibly damages of actuator in turbochargers with numbers 796122-...,3.0 JTD Euro V & 806850-..., 2.3 JTD Euro V in Fiat Ducato


Received information about turbochargers and their elements damages, shows factors which can lead to turbocharger replacement too early.

Internal damages of actuator and its location sensor cause the control of turbocharger impossible. It leads to DTCs (Diagnostic Trouble Codes or Error Codes) or losing power, it may be caused by penetrating water.

Fiat Ducato 2.3 JTD Euro V and 3.0 JTD Euro V owners should make sure that every service recomendations (neccesary modifications, movement) in case of penetrating water was done in their cars.

1. Infiltrating water to engine chamber over front glass drain canal.

To stop water penetrating to the engine what makes turbocharger and different element damaged, modification may be necessary.

2. Infiltrating water to turbocharger regulation valve.

Turbocharger running system tightness is necessary. If water penetrate inside, it may damage actuator and make turbocharger control impossible.

IMPORTANT: damages caused by penetrating water are not under Garrett by Honeywell warranty.